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6 Must-Have Products For Busy Entrepreneurs and Businesses in 2021

Updated: Jan 25

Get more done, save more time, be more effective.

For entrepreneurs and businesses, time is especially precious. Every wasted minute is a lost opportunity for networking, growing the business, and of course, making capital. Our commitment to the pursuit of absolute simplicity has led us to the creation of this list.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at absolutely no cost to you if you decide to go with a paid plan. However, these are the best tools I have researched for launching and running a website. You can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

We hope that it helps in your journey towards

success in 2021.

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The Best Freelance Website For Entrepreneurs & Businesses:

1.) Fiverr

Average Overall Score: 9.9/10

Fiverr hit the market in 2010 and would later become the #1 Freelance website in the world. In just two years the platform was hosting 1.3 million Gigs. Fiverr's goal is to provide quality projects at affordable prices to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The beauty of Fiverr is that they give the freelancer a chance to create a gig or gigs based on what they can do best. Fiverr will list the freelancers in different categories of specialization and according to their rating, which means you will gain access to the freelancer's body of work. You will receive the positive and negative feedback made by previous employers.

Fiverr boast the following:

Full Transparency

A new shared dashboard allows you to track your team's activity so that everyone is always in sync.

VIP Customer Support

Quick response time and upgraded support solutions will help you to get what you need when you need it.

Improved Billing Options

One team - one payment method. You can now add a card on file that every team member can use.

Bottom Line: With all the being said and done, the next question is the price. The price range of projects on Fiverr can start at $5 per project and can even go up to several thousands of dollars. It is safe to say that Fiverr can get most if not all the credit for the phrase "Gig Economy".

More Information visit: Fiverr

The Best SEO Website For Entrepreneurs & Businesses:

2.) SEMrush

Average Overall Score: 9.9/10

SEMrush is truly the Crocodile Dundee knife of keyword research and competition analysis.

It is also one of the top SEO tools of marketing professionals around the globe and it’s very easy to see why. SEMrush was founded in 2008 by a small group of SEO and IT specialists who wanted to create the ultimate competitive research tool for online marketing. Ten years later the company has over 350 employees with a presence worldwide.

SemRush provides its customers with a 1-month free trial of SEMrush . SEMrush’s site audit tool will help your business fix all the technical issues that have been plaguing your website.

SEMrush is considered the most trusted SEO company by so many industry experts and influencers. The team behind SEMrush constantly introduces new and exciting ways to do keyword research and competition analysis, making it one of the most premium tools in the SEO software industry. You do not make #1 on the list of SEO tools by being a lightweight.

Bottom Line: SEMrush is considered the most trusted SEO company by Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneurs. SEMrush's goal as a company is to bring new and exciting ways to do keyword research and competition analysis. It hard and we mean really hard to not give them the big #1.

More Information visit: SemRush

The Best Web Hosting Brands for 2020:

3) BlueHost

Average Overall Score: 9.9/10

Being the #1 recommended hosting by speaks volumes! If you what you want is a reliable web host with dependability, then BlueHost might be the perfect fit.

In 1996 Ebay started it's shopping and online auction website...That same year Founder Matt Heaton gave us the premier hosting company that would be known as BlueHost.

BlueHost and WordPress equal one word. Synergy. It reminds us of the time when Lebron James joined the Miami Heat. Just not fair. Once you create your BlueHost Hosting plan, Bluehost automatically installs the most secure and updated version of WordPress. You will also receive site analytics, traffic management, security, one free domain of your choosing for one year and backups all together in a complete WordPress bundle

Bottom Line: Powering Over 2 Million Websites Worldwide and think you get the hint.

More Information visit: BlueHost

The Best Knowledge Commerce & Online Education Platforms for 2020:

4) Kajabi

Average Overall Score: 9.7/10

Kajabi is a content marketing platform that allows you to create a course, transform your passion into digital products, create a website , effectively use sales tools for revenue, grow your audience, by email marketing to turn your leads into customers, and much more...There is a reason why Kajabi is #1.

Bottom Line: Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for digital entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell content and digital products online. Kajabi offers ease for companies that have multiple products needing to have portal access where they can house information, webinars, calendars, etc. Overall Kajabi is considered one of the most efficient products to use in the market right now.




Founded in 2014

Located in The United States

Best Website Building Brands for 2020:

5.) WIX

Average Overall Score: 9.7/10

The history of Wix can be summed up pretty simply: HTML. This renowned website company based in Israel put the brand on the map, and it has been consistently raising the bar for over the past five years.

The WIX brand has expanded to include other top-rated apps (the logo maker and video marketing capabilities). Soon, the will be added more apps and programs within WIX to increase that list too.

Through it all, every WIX template has stayed true to the WiX brand's fun-to-create spirit. You get lively and characterful images and templates user-friendly technology, and superb usability. Factor in WIX's strong reputation for usability, and you're looking at the Best Website Brand for 2019 -2020.

Pros: Extremely intuitive site-building interface. Loads of site gadgets. Free website option for users. Hundreds of templates to choose for your business and brand. Excellent mobile-site-building tools. Efficient web-store features. Next Level customer service.

Cons: No built-in statistics feature offered yet — no real responsive design in the strict sense.

Bottom Line: Wix is the easiest and fullest-featured website builder around, and you can use it to create your own highly customized site for free.

Get started with a Wix Website Today:

More Information visit:

The Best Social Trading And Online Investment Platforms for 2020:

6.) Etoro

Average Overall Score: 9.8/10

Since 2007 eToro’s has been empowering millions of users in 140 + countries by providing easy access to innovative investment tools, with the added value of an engaging, collaborative trading community.

Etoro prides itself on security. Your privacy and security is the #1 priority for their customers.

Get exactly what you’re paying for with commission-free stock investing:

No markup No ticketing fees No management fees

Bottom Line: We love to say it...But Etoro is truly a no brainer. We never thought that we would be having fun investing. Whether you’re an electrical car fan, a software fanatic or a Bitcoin expert, why not invest in the companies that you love? Etoro boasts that it has 1,000 + stocks and shares for you to invest. Purchase fractional shares or copy top investors’ portfolios minus the management fees.

More Information visit: Etoro