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The 12 best free CRM software in 2021

Updated: Jun 17

The 12 best free CRM software in 2021 Are you looking for free CRM software for your small business? The good news is that there are several very interesting CRM solutions available. I propose you to discover the 12 best ones. When we talk about CRM, it is important to understand that there is a large number of features that are potentially available: customer database, sales actions, sales cycle, or even management of reminders are only examples. Depending on your needs, one software may suit you better than another. That's why I'm going to show you the Pros and cons of each solution. 1. Need a simple and efficient CRM software to have a complete view on your business opportunities? is a tool that allows you to manage and follow the whole process from the contact to the sale through the quote. Thanks to a very intuitive and colorful interface, you can follow the sales pipeline whether you are alone or in a team. Put your

repetitive tasks on autopilot and let CRM automation work for you. Set up automatic reminders, due date notifications, and assign new customer management tasks to everyone on your team. This collaborative CRM offers a completely free trial, so try it out now! 2. Freshsales is one of the online applications in the Freshworks product line. This free CRM is designed for teams who want to keep an eye on their contacts and solve any problem/question at the same time. The solution allows you to manage all your customer and prospect contacts through a simple user interface. The software helps you handle different steps in the sales process. Its core functionality includes prioritization of sales opportunities and efficient sales optimization. Freshsales is a robust analytical tool that provides sales insight and enables companies to leverage it. This tool has won several customer satisfaction awards, which is well deserved! The interface is very intuitive, and many sales and lead qualification features are built into the free version. The huge advantage of this CRM system is that you can centralize all your customer data, be it phone, events, emails, etc.

Freshsales offers a 100% free plan for life and an unlimited number of users and contacts! Try it now to get an idea! 3. CRM If you're looking for a free CRM, chances are you've heard of HubSpot CRM. It is nothing less than one of the leading solutions in the field of sales and marketing management. With a neat interface and an interesting free offer. For example, you can easily segment your customers and/or prospects with this complete CRM management tool. A great advantage is its availability in many languages as well as the possibility to connect it to a large number of other marketing tools. 4. If you're looking for a small, simple, intuitive CRM tool that works with Gmail, Insightly should be right up your alley! The software also offers a powerful dashboard and easy integration with a large number of marketing and management tools. 5. CRM

Zoho's offer of office and management tools in SaaS mode is very interesting for small and medium-sized businesses. And the CRM solution is no exception to the rule with a neat interface and several very intuitive lead management solutions. Automation is clearly one of Zoho's strong points, especially in the management of sales processes to save time. 6. CRM Vtiger CRM is a really free and open source CRM. For more than 10 years, this free tool has been one of the most complete on the market: customer management, sales management, complaint follow-up, reporting, workflows, etc. There are no limitations: unlimited files, unlimited users. The customization possibilities are clearly a major asset for the adoption of vtiger CRM. 7. This is one of the most advanced CRM software on the market, with a limited-time free offer. If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution for prospecting or customer relationship

management, Sugar CRM may be a potentially interesting choice for you. 8.

This open-source software is among the best of its kind with a very active community in the field. Its great strength is that it can be used as a development base. If you have people with development skills on your team, Suite CRM is a great option! 9. A free CRM software that is simple and very effective in managing its contacts. With the ability to manage its social network contacts, which is its big advantage over the competition. 10. This tool is one of the most complete on the market with advanced contact management. And the good news is that its free offer also allows you to use a large number of features, the only constraint being that it is limited to a team of two people. 11.

A very complete CRM software offering a free version. The interface is clean and very neat. The only weakness of the free version is the limitation to 250 contacts which can make it less attractive. 12. One of the best free tools designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The strength of this software is that it offers complete dashboards and an optimized mobile and tablet version. The free version is limited to 2 users and you can enjoy all the features.