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Useful Tools & Resources to Make Your Startup Smarter (Ultimate Guide for 2021)

Updated: Jan 25

As entrepreneurs executing on a high-level day in and day out can be almost impossible. You have to deal with global pandemics, attend meetings, fire staff, hire staff, manage projects, maintain social media accounts, monitor website traffic, and lastly, generate revenue for your business.

Our useful tools & resources to make your startup smarter was created for visionaries with the power to turn their ideas into reality; this blog topic can be considered as the flagship model for our content here at AP. We have included the world's most adequate business tools and resources in this blog.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at absolutely no cost to you if you decide to go with a paid plan. However, these are the best tools I have researched for launching and running a website. You can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

The goal is to create the ultimate combination of technology, efficiency, and performance for your business. We believe that the companies listed below will give you that chance to "Level Up" your strategies, approach, and daily execution.

1) GetResponse

Average Overall Score: 9.6/10

CEO Simon Grabowski describes himself as a multinational tech geek. Simon's achievement stands in a class of its own. Since the year of "Y2K" GetResponse has been dominating markets across the globe. We have listed below the suite of products that have to help them achieve market dominance. products:

  • Email marketing

  • Campaign management tools

  • Marketing Automation

  • Landing pages

  • Webinar

  • Auto Funnels

  • Ecommerce

  • Traffic Generation

Bottom Line: GetResponse product goes beyond the standard serviceability and functionality. It is the tool that will effectively allow you to surpass your competition and leave your wondering, "who was I competing again with?" The pricing is a catalyst for choosing GetResponse; while other companies overcharge for some services, GetResponse finds a way to simplify the pricing and precisely get their customers.

More Information visit: GetResponse

2) Salesmate CRM

Average Overall Score: 9.5/10

Salesmate is the ultimate customer relationship management software. With the ability to monitor sales pipelines, make your sales tracking process automatic, and gain insight into staff production. Salesmate was created to increase your email productivity. The ability to control and manage activities, meetings, and appointments is nothing short of amazing.

Salesmate is a catalyst for both small and large businesses all over the world. The interface reminds us of Iphones usability. You can prioritize and locate all tasks with almost instinctual precision.

Useful Tools & Resources to Make Your Startup Smarter (Ultimate Guide for 2021).
Useful Tools & Resources to Make Your Startup Smarter (Ultimate Guide for 2021).

Bottom Line: Salesmate is a platform that allows you to excel at hitting your sales goals...The feeling of momentum will be like watching George Miller's 2015 "Mad Max" film, with your sales associate yelling the famous phrase "Witness me!".

More Information visit: Salesmate


Average Overall Score: 9.4/10 states that their software and course helped over 20,000 Entrepreneurs execute their business plans and goals.

The definition of a Mastermind is a group designed to help you navigate through challenges and obstacles using the collective intelligence of others as you embark on your mission of world/Google domination with your product and service. There will be moments where you wish you had a road map for how to execute your plan.

That is where comes in:

The Knowledge Business Blueprint: As stated, it will help you map out and achieve your business objectives. It also helps to have Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi as the teachers.

Mindmint Software: will guide you through all the steps of beginning and launching a successful and profitable mastermind. With Tony and Dean removing the complexities of establishing and executing your mastermind group.

Coaching: If you feel that you have all the tools already and need more personal guidance, you also find as another tool.

Bottom Line: states that their software and courses have helped over 20,000 entrepreneurs execute their business plans and goals. Mastermind training is designed to help you share your message with both small and large audiences. The purpose of the program is to take your brand to heights that might cause acrophobia.

More Information visit

4) Builderdall

Average Overall Score: 9.3/10

The Platform "Builderall" was established in 2011. Erick Salgado is the founder and patron of the brand. Erick Salgado is of the most influential figures in international internet business consulting. He was able to combine his intelligence with his technical ideas, thus laying the foundation for a design style that would shape Buiderall and make it the best product for the U.S. based company E-Business4us Inc.

The Numbers for Builderrall so far:

  • Over 50,000,0000 Leads Collected

  • Over 300,000,000 Emails Sent

  • Over 500,000 Websites Published.

Products and Services:

  • Sales Funnel.

  • SEO Analyzer/Platform.

  • Heat Map Analytics Software.

  • Membership platform for your customers.

  • A copywriting template generator.

  • A website notification Software.

  • Facebook ChatBot.

  • App Creation.

  • Email Marketing: Autoresponders, Lead Follow up, and Broadcasts.

  • An e-book cover and creator.

  • Animated video creation.

  • Hosting Platform

The Builderall focuses on empowering it's customers not only to build websites but also to understand how the Internet works. Erick Salgado always strives to create a unique work that genuinely standouts.

Builderall has built a comprehensive platform that gives it's customers endless possibilities to do the impossible. With pricing being best in the market, you cannot go wrong.

More Information visit: Builderall.

Useful Tools & Resources to Make Your Startup Smarter (Ultimate Guide for 2020).

The Top #4 List:

1. GetResponse:.

2. Salesmate CRM.


4. Builderall.